Wednesday, January 19, 2011

daily blog. day 1 First day of WASH

first day of wash started out great. There wasn't a lot of paper work to deal with that students would normally have to deal with in other classes like English. I liked how we started off  the day with the assignment of making something out of just newspaper and masking tape, and wearing it as an extended part of our body, portraying as either a Nightmare or a Daydream and of course either male or female, depending on either the costume or how we presented it. It was also nice to get to know my table mates and find out that i at least knew 3 people at the beginning of class. Now i know a total of nine people and that's including the three people i already knew and my table mates. Having everyone read a quote was interesting and very inspiring and inquisitive. Inquisitive because some of them, in fact all of them made us think about our own opinions about it. Inspiring because it did make us think of our own opinions and possibly  caused us to come up with ideas in our minds already, adding to our arsenal of imaginative ideas just waiting to be brought to life now. The homework assignments, i think the only small trouble I will have will be getting the cardboard into spheres. But, I have an idea on how to do it, hopefully it works. So far, really enjoying WASH.